Week 21-What is True Love?

Aug 1966 leaving for Seattle cr

This week’s blog will be a little different as I still have not yet watched my webinar.  This is the first webinar that I have missed.  It was for a good cause, however.  We were giving my in-laws a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party.  We were successful, and there were over 50 people present.  At one point, there was standing room only.

The picture above is them in their early years.  Did you notice the heart shaped lilac bush?

My mother-in-law is in a wheel chair following a stroke a few years ago.  Over the years, they have helped each other through many health issues and continue to be the support that the other one needs.

Here is a short video of the two of them dancing to the accordion music.


I have realized that I also have this kind of love.  I have had the flu for the past 4 days, and today is the first day I have been able to sit up and keep down anything.  My husband, sister, and daughter have taken great care of me.  I am blessed.


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