Week 24 – Are you valuing your gifts?

flower crown

Often in life we think that we must give something of financial value for it to truly have a value.

My daughter spent her birthday at the park with her friends.

Many kids her age expect a rented room, limo, catered meal, fancy cake, party planner, fancy decorations…

We used a picnic table at the local park. (We had to get there early to make sure we got one.)

I picked up those who needed a ride in my 2006 Jeep.

A few days earlier, we went shopping and bought all her favorites and a few healthy options.

We went to the Dollar Tree, Goodwill, and Value Village to buy everything needed for the table.

She wanted to make her famous brownies.

We stayed up till midnight making flower crowns for each person in their favorite color. (We both have the blisters from the hot glue.)

She invited her close friends.

They all seemed to have a great time.

The food was simple and went quickly.  She had rolls, meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, chips, dip, cookies, candy, and brownies.  Grab and go foods.  I bought them 2 liter soda bottle, but they went for the water bottles instead.  This shocked me.

She had some small beach balls that they threw at each other, mini golf, bubbles, and Frisbees.

My hidden talent is making balloon animals (puppies mostly).  I wasn’t sure if they were too old, but I spent a few hours doing them.  Most of them went to the little kids that were visiting the park.  The giraffes were the big hit.

My point is this:  You have gifts inside you that do not cost money.  They are more valuable than anything that can be bought.  Share them with others.  You may be surprised at how much value you possess.


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