Press Release

September 27, 2018

By Joe Smith

As I traveled out in to the country getting closer and closer to Mount Rainier, I was amazed at the beautiful views. Today, I am on a mission to interview Darin and Debra Reinke of Neruim International.

The Reinkes had warned me that their summer cabin was far from the city; but as I have been on this gravel road now for 15 minutes, I cannot help but wonder if I took a wrong turn. As I round the corner, I see their “A” shaped cabin. Off to the right, I can see the family of deer that share this piece of heaven with them.

I am quickly met by the Reinkes and their dogs. After a quick tour, we sat down at the table on the side deck.

“How much time do you spend here?” I asked. “We come out here as often as we can. Usually one or two weeks each month,” Darin Replied.

I asked them to tell me a little about how they made it to this point in their lives.

Debra said, “It has only been 3 years since we started our path to a new life. So many things have changed. We started a new business and started to really live our lives to the fullest.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“During a course that I took online called MKMMA, I learned that often we are not living life to our potential. If we refuse to be the best we can be, we are not honoring what God has created. That was my light bulb moment,” Debra said.

I asked them to tell me a little more about their business.

Darin said, “We have been so blessed having Nerium International in our life. Because of something as simple as sharing with 2 people a day, we have replaced both of our 9 to 5 incomes. We have been working hard to build our business and help others build theirs. The peacefulness that overcomes our heart when we help others live a calm and peaceful life is a blessing.”

“Debra, I heard you have a new book.”

“Yes, Nerium has allowed us to travel to every state in the United States and share our story. I love that so many people read my book It is Not Enough to Just Survive. By sharing my story of surviving cancer, educating others, and great enlightenment, I help others live their true life. The book has only been out for a short time but I have been working on it for a few years,” said Debra.

I asked them to tell me about their family.

“Our son Kyle has started his PH.D. and is studying Biochemistry. Our Daughter Alysa started her first year of college and is studying Forensic Psychology.” Debra also stated, “We are so proud of the adults that they have become.”

Darin added, “We are able to spend quite a bit of time with my parents and Debra’s Dad.   This is a blessing that most people do not have. We often bring them out here for family get-to-gathers.”

I notice a baby blue Lexus parked by the side of the cabin. “Can we go check out the car?” I asked.

Darin led the way. He told me, “This was the first Lexus that we were awarded by Nerium. We kept it to remind us that we are now financially successful. We painted it Nerium blue to help us remember just how we made it to this point in our life.”

We spent the rest of the time eating and visiting. We talked about how they are able to spend more time in their community volunteering and sharing their success with others.

As I left that evening and wound myself back down the road to the city, I was inspired how one point in time can change so many lives.


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